Two Phase Treatments - Phase I and Phase 2 Orthodontics

What is a two phase orthodontic treatment and why should you consider it?

Wouldn't you love to do everything you can to make your child's smile not only healthy and functional but also aesthetically pleasing? As a top rated orthodontist in New York City, Dr. Bina Park can do this with two phase orthodontics treatments.

The treatments involve teeth straightening and physical facial changes that are meant to establish a foundation for optimal oral health while providing monitoring and specific adjusting until full treatment is completed.

How many steps are involved in two phase treatments?

Two phase orthodontic treatments consist of:
Phase I - During this early phase, Dr. Park will optimize upper and lower jaw development to ensure an excellent fit as well as create sufficient room to accommodate permanent teeth. Phase I is vital to establishing healthy oral guidelines and will include early evaluations and care should conditions that need repair be detected.
Resting Period - Following a successful phase I, remaining permanent teeth are left alone to erupt with sufficient space and proper guidance in placement. Final positioning however will be attained in phase 2. Retaining devices may also be recommended.
Phase 2 - The final phase begins once all permanent teeth have erupted and ensures that each tooth is in the most favorable position in relation to other teeth, surrounding lips, cheeks and tongue. Braces and retainers may also be used.

Would you like to come in for an appointment?

Choosing to proceed with two phase treatments entails plenty of considerations and a commitment that will result in long-term advantages. With plenty of orthodontists in New York City to choose from, we look forward to not only providing a service, but growing with you and your family! Please call Dr. Bina Park today for a consultation



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