Practice Policies

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Insurance and Orthodontics

Dental Insurance is different from medical insurance. Many patients aren’t familiar with the specifics of their dental insurance benefits. Your dental and orthodontic benefits are based on the agreement your employer negotiated with your insurance carrier. Please review the insurance benefit booklet provided by your employer to better understand the benefits they make available as part of your insurance coverage.

Not all insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, but many do. The patient payment portion covered for orthodontic treatment varies depending on the coverage provided by your employer as well as the specifics of your orthodontic treatment needs.

Please bring your insurance card to your first appointment or consultation so that we can assist you in determining whether or not your insurance plan will help to cover the costs of your treatment.

An estimate of the amount covered by your insurance company will be provided at the time of your treatment, based on the information they provide to us. The estimate is never a guarantee of benefits or the amount that will be paid. We will file all insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. This does not however, transfer the responsibility of your financial obligation to the insurance company. If the amount paid by the insurance company is less than or greater than the estimate, then you will be billed the difference or issued a credit on the account in the event of an overpayment.

Please ask us about financing options, and let us know if you have questions about our financial policies prior to your treatment.

Some companies offer Health Savings Accounts for their employees. These accounts are also available to individuals for themselves and their dependents. The plans allow for pre-tax deposits to be made to the individual's account. The money in the account can then be used for necessary medical expenses. This means that in some cases, orthodontics can be paid for with your health savings account funds.

Appointment Policy

  • Office hours are 10 A.M - 6 P.M (Last appointment being at 5:30)
  • Lunch time for the staff begins at 12 P.M. and ends at 1 P.M.
  • The Greenwich, CT Office is open on Monday, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • The Upper East Side, NY Office is open on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and some Mondays.

Long Visits

Typically treatment milestones such as Initial appliance placement, Mid treatment bracket reposition/fine tuning and Removal of appliances require extra time and care. These visits are best scheduled in the morning due to the extra care and time involved. We anticipate these morning visits to be no more than two to three visits during a two year treatment plan. We do anticipate that some visits may conflict with school or work schedules. We will make every effort possible to schedule appointments at your convenience.

Periodic Visits/When should you schedule appointments?

Appointments are scheduled based on you or your child’s specific treatment plan. At the end of each visit, the doctor will recommend when the next appointment should be. We ask that you make this appointment while in the office or at your earliest convenience. Orthodontic patients are seen approximately every 4-8 weeks depending on the progression of treatment. Please be aware it is your responsibility to book appointments within the time recommended at each visit.

What happens if you run late?

We value your time and commitment to come into the office. Coming to each appointment on time will ensure that we are able to complete the orthodontic procedure you need and to stay on schedule with the rest of our patients. If there is a chance you are running late, please feel free to give our office a call to notify us.

Comfort Appointments

Dr. Bina Park Orthodontics is committed to your treatment success. If you or your child is experiencing discomfort, we will do our best to accommodate you to place you in our schedule as soon as possible.

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